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Merlyn the Dragon

Cardiff University Sub-Aqua Club (CUSAC) is a registered branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and a registered club within Cardiff University Athletic Union (AU.) We have a large membership base: from trainee Ocean Divers to Advanced Divers and Open Water Instructors. As a university club we have a huge diversity of members from different walks of university life, so it is an excellent opportunity to meet many different people.

If you’ve never dived before then there’s no better way to start diving than at university; if you’re already a qualified diver then let’s go diving! If you’ve never dived in the UK before, we can help introduce you to the underwater life we have practically on our doorstep in Wales and the UK. We welcome qualified divers regardless of your original diving organisation.

With CUSAC you can learn to SCUBA dive or continue your training in a safe environment with our Nationally Qualified Instructors. We offer BSAC diver training, and there are opportunities to learn not just about diving, but also about boat handling, VHF radio use, marine biology, and first aid, along with a whole host of other Skill Development Courses run by the BSAC.

We will happily help you develop as a diver, and progress further along the BSAC Diver Training Program, to more advanced diving qualifications, and maybe onto being one of our next breed of instructors

Our club’s aims and objectives can be found here: CLUB AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

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